Don’t Wait, Get a Rebate!

Hey there, Rhode Island residents, listen up:

Did you know that RI Energy offers some pretty sweet energy rebates for hot water tanks?

That’s right! By upgrading to a more energy-efficient model, you not only save on your utility bills but also snag some extra cash back. It’s like getting rewarded for being eco-friendly – talk about a win-win! So, if you’re tired of your old tank guzzling energy like it’s going out of style, consider making the switch and cash in on those rebates. Your wallet and the planet will thank you!

Rhode Island Energy RebateForm

Enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re saving energy and up to 30% on your energy bill for years to come when you upgrade to a high-efficiency natural gas water heater. If your equipment is 10 years or older, it has reached its average life span.

Who wants to take cold showers? Upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater before your old one breaks and save even more with our rebate of up to $600.

To see a list of qualifying equipment and apply, download our rebate form:

On Demand and Storage Hot Water Heater Rebate up to $600 Here

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